Veteran's Day and Sunday Confessions!

First, I'd like to say Happy Veteran's Day to my cousin/room mate/best friend David, who gets uncomfortable when people thank him for his service, but I like seeing a grown man squirm.

Thanks and whatnot, cuzzie
I also want to address the explosion that occurred on the south side of Indianapolis late last night.  They don't really know what happened, but apparently people felt the shockwave for miles (as far as Greenwood, I saw on Facebook).  I hope the survivors are doing okay, considering.

And now, my second ever Sunday Confessions!  This is super-fun, so if you'd like to do it, head on over to the lovely Alyx at Every Day is a New Adventure.

Here we go!
1.  I haven't been to the gym in way too long.  I busted up my knee about three weeks ago, and since I realized that the pain wasn't going away, I haven't been to the gym.  The doctor fitted me with a brace, and while the brace has since come off, I still can't put much pressure on my knee or bend it at a significant angle (e.g., sitting Indian style) without it hurting or feeling like it's "too stretched."  It's still pretty bruised.  My knee is also popping, and it feels so weird.  Mostly what I do at the gym is running on a treadmill and step class, which I obviously need my knees for, so I'm not sure what to do.  I'm considering using the pool, which is usually what David does -- something low impact but effective.  However, in the meantime, my exercise regimen has gone to shit.  

2.  Knowing that my exercise regimen has gone to shit, I still had pizza on Friday night.  But oh, come on!  It was my Friday night!  It's been friggin' grilled chicken Caesar salads all month!

3.  I don't like it when people call my ex-fiancĂ© a dick.  Yes, he did some dick things, but so did I.  Yes, he ended the relationship and called off the wedding, but I didn't exactly run after him.  Yes, I was the one that had to call up all the vendors to cancel, tell the guests, deal with the dresses -- but he also paid half the mortgage for two months when he wasn't staying at the house, and he made sure I was left with my fair share of the savings account.  It's been over two years, and I do still have some feelings about the matter and him, but it doesn't help that every time I bring him up (which is going to happen occasionally, as we were involved for like 6-7 years), someone calls him a dick or a douchebag.  He isn't.  

4.  On that note, I don't mind when people call all my other ex-boyfriends dicks.  They deserve it.  (There are one or two over the years that we remember fondly, mostly from high school.  You know who you are.)

5.  A "friend" from high school messaged me out of nowhere last week, saying that I was a huge bitch to him and that he hates me, and I was so upset that I cried while making dinner that night.  Just when I'm starting to be more social and make new friends, this happens.  Have I really burned that many bridges over the years?  But I then posted about it on Facebook, and apparently this "friend" has done the same thing to a few other people for little to no reason!  I also got messages from other people from my high school class, saying that they had my back and to not worry about him.  It was nice to see people sticking up for me -- I felt a lot better about my previous misanthropic nature.  :)  (It's also comforting to know that my nature is changing for the better.)  


  1. Maybe someone should reach out to this "friend" of yours. That behavior sounds a little like he might be depressed and maybe a danger to himself.

    1. Aaron, knowing him, I don't doubt that he's a tad... "self-destructive." But honestly, I hadn't even talked to him in years before this. I don't know what he's been doing.

  2. Popping by from Alyx.. :-) great confessions... nice how you stood up for your non dick ex.

  3. for #5, I would ignore this person unless he used to be a very good/close friend, sometimes you just don't need take that kind of behavior from people

    hope you have a great day.

  4. Well, just for the record, I think you're awesome.

  5. Thats a bit extreme for a Facebook message. I wouldn't take it to seriously. maybe he was just having a really bad day. I haven't worked out in the longest time but I don't have a good excuse. Should really get motivated again.
    Kayleigh http://thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au/

  6. 1. YES! SWIM!!! Seriously. It's such a good workout.
    2. Don't let that guy ruin your day or ruin the way you think of yourself. YOU are the only person whose opinion matters when it comes to yourself. We've all done stupid things, and even if you WERE rude to him a long time ago, so what? I was rude to people when I was in high school, too. We were all teenagers at one point, and you know what? Teenagers are little a-holes. And witches with capital B's. Yeah, so... just don't let it get to you.
    3. Yay veterans!

  7. ha, i haven't been to the gym in months and i don't even have the excuse of a busted knee. :) but I just bought some new tennis shoes (pretty neon yellow/grey nike ones) and i hope that motivates me to go more often... we'll see.
    ps. it sounds like that guy from high school might be mental. don't worry about it.