A day of voting

12:13pm:  I'm at a church near my workplace to vote! I'm so excited. It's my third Presidential election.

12:40pm:  I voted!  I feel such a high right now.  I love voting; it's such a great feeling.  For the record, I voted for President Obama, and Donnelly for Senate (Mourdock dug his own grave by saying that rape was "God's will")... I don't remember much else, except that I always vote for Sheila Klinker as State Rep.  :)  I voted a mostly straight Democratic ticket except for the Republican politicians that didn't have an opponent.  It's an Indiana thing.

3:50pm:  I am ridiculously proud of my "I Voted" sticker on my sweater.  People that intrude on me are silenced by my stone cold stare and a pat on my awesome sticker.  This is hereby known as the "fuck you, get away from me if you don't have a sticker" sticker.

6:00pm:  Indiana polling places close.  I'm glued to Google's interactive election website.  I'm disappointed in Indiana, but over time, I'm happy to see that Vigo County, Indiana (which has only been wrong twice in Presidential elections) eventually goes blue.  :)  Several Indiana counties are indeed blue, which is nice.

10:02pm:  I get sick of projections, opinions, primary colors in general, pundits, interviews.  I get lost in Reddit and let David watch some show with terrible actors.

About 11:15pm:

11:51pm:  I won't relax until the projections are over and the President is officially announced.  But I'm damn glad I voted.

12:26am:  Still nervous.

12:37am:  I officially have heartburn.

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