Year of the Kate

People who read this blog and are friends with me on Facebook certainly have noticed an addition to my antics over the last year:  A girl named Kate.

Not Katie.  Not Katherine or Kathleen.  Her full name is actually Kate.  I'd like to write about her today because she is moving at the end of the week.

Looking uncharacteristically serious at Bazbeaux on Mass Ave.  She was probably thinking about beer.
Kate moved here in January to work as a co-op (whatever that means) in my company, supplementing her major of some kind of fancy science at some school in Ohio.  The Powers-That-Be sat her across the aisle from me, probably because they knew that I waste absolutely no energy on the co-ops and interns, which should ensure that more work gets done.  However, I discovered during lunch one day that she was laughing at my jokes, so I bothered to remember her name.

A little more about Kate: 
  • Kate is Catholic.  I make fun of her for it constantly.  She also likes to remind me that I have no soul.
  • She's really nice to her friends.

  • We have about a thousand inside jokes, but none of them are funny if I type it out.  Here, let me try one:  "Choo Choo is just the tiniest of all the littles!!"  ... Yeah, not funny.  Or we just quote shit that we hear, like from MST3K or that one video online about what science documentaries would be like if the host knew nothing about science.  Oh, here it is.  Should've figured it'd be on Cracked.com.  We just both have weird humor.  For example, she left this in my cubicle once: 

  • ay mamí

  • She's extremely proud to be from Ohio, even though most people in Indiana consider Ohio to be "that really boring area to drive through," or simply, "pre-Pennsylvania." When she says she's from Cleveland, people give her a blank stare and nod. A few have said, "Oh, like Kings Island?"
  • She has the exact same pose in every picture, unless she's being silly.  Shown here:
Hand on hip, one knee bent, head slightly thrown back.  Certainly makes her look better in a dress than I do.  She says this pose is like a reflex to seeing a camera.  The rest of her sorority apparently does this, too.  "Because this is America," she'd say.   
  • I think she's secretly evil:  She doesn't like animals ("grrr, I'm just saying I never had them as pets!"); she has a bunch of "followers" on this thing called "Twitter" (sounds like a code name for sure); and when we were discussing our shared opinion of Now & Then being totally awesome, I discovered on my phone that one of the actresses from it died like five years ago, and I was all like "OMG :(" but Kate was all "oh, whatevs, kbai"
  • She has a lot of different sunglasses, so I get to try them on and look super cool. 
  • She is obsessed with baseball, especially for the Indians, her home team. Probably the only girl I know who has a few baseball jerseys.
  • She cries at movies really, really easily.  It is hilarious.
    • EDIT:  Not just movies.  She just came up to me and said, "Okay, um, should I read your blog now or is it going to make me cry?"  I was like, "Well, the post is maybe kind of funny..."  Her:  "I'm going to read it later."

So it looks like I'm going to have to actually make friends soon.  Like, actually put in the effort and time, and I suck at that.  I'm going to have to start being nice to people at lunch, attending little social things, and trying to find things in common with people.  Because I realized -- if I can find things in common between myself and a Catholic, Republican 21-year-old engineering student from Ohio who likes Twilight and Top 40 radio... I think the sky's the limit here.


  1. It's so wonderful to have a friend like that! You'll miss her, but thankfully there are so many ways to stay connected... Like, that thing called Twitter... :)

    1. Exactly! One of the only reasons I'm on Twitter is that she uses it constantly!