This day

I do not like this day. It is a bad day. Fuck this day.

With a rake.


  1. It's ok Susie, we all have those days. Relax, put your feet up, have a drink and let the worries fade away, there's always tomorrow.
    In case, your interested I had my rear-end exposed today, as i had a colonscopoy this morning.
    Jerry said my eyes were looking a lighter shade of brown, which just goes to prove how full of shit I am :-)

    1. How could YOU be full of shit?? You're pretty much the most blunt, honest person I know!! That's part of your charm and why you're one of my absolutely favorite people. Jerry's just jealous because he has blue eyes. Brown eyes are awesome.

      Good for you, though, getting a colonoscopy. Gotta take care of stuff like that!