An odd request, perhaps -- protest food?

What I just posted on my blog at allrecipes.com:

"I'd like to ask the AR community about what kind of food I should make/bring for a protest.

It is a peaceful demonstration, held at Purdue University in Indiana, to protest the appointment of Indiana governor Mitch Daniels as the new president of the university, which is my alma mater.  (I could go into the many reasons why he should not be the president of Purdue, but I won't because I'm lazy, so Google it and it will be obvious.  A brief but more detailed explanation is at my blog -- http://tempuri.org?link=new)  The police and the university have granted permission and compliance with the event, which will ensue under 90+ degree heat.  

I am in charge of bringing the food, both for the activists and the audience.  I've been asked to accommodate vegetarianism, but that isn't my exclusive recipe choice.  

What can I bring that...
(a) will be awesome;
(b) could make almost anyone happy; and
(c) won't taste like in the current Midwestern drought?

Thanks much."

Any ideas?


  1. With the weather like you said, I wonder if it should be something that doesn't make you thirsty