My guess is that the cats ate the sofa. And later, they'll puke it up.

I paid off three credit cards today and will be able to pay off one more big one (Home Depot, for the master bedroom reno) next week.

  • Thank you David, for making so much money in your last job that your unemployment checks make me blush.
  • Thank you government, for making interest on a buttload of my money all year and then giving a bunch of it back to me.
  • Thank you job, for not hiring someone else.

Tomorrow is another IndyCar race (Detroit), and I'll be making the best lasagna in the world.  

(which reminds me -- I need to update my Recipes page.  meh, I'll do it later.)

In other news, my fitness room is almost done.  David (when he isn't working on the master bedroom, because I hinted that finishing the project before paying off the credit card is normally how these things are done) is going to get a cable guy in this week to hook up the TV, and I've gotta get the cat vomit stains out of the carpet.  Apparently they were sneaking into the room this whole time simply to get sick.  Place looks like my cats party harder than I do.  Bonus points if you think I'm kidding about that.

You couldn't even see the floor in this room.  Now I'm not sure I want to.

We HAVE, however, gotten all the boxes and junk out of that room and into the attic.  This helps #7 on my 12 for 2012 list:

"7. De-junk the house
I wanted to have a garage sale in October, but I was too busy/lazy/mostly lazy to follow through with my plan. While it's still cold out, I'd like to box up old clothes, books, CDs and decorations; those boxes will go in the garage and go up for sale once it gets warm out. I could sell things on Craigslist and Ebay. Things like, say, my wedding dress, which I don't have much use for anymore. (Well... hell, even if I had gotten married, I wouldn't really have a use for it, right?) Point is, there's simply too much crap in my house."

Christmas decorations went into a closet so they're all together.  An old sofa that my aunt Carol gave me years ago went out on the curb (sorry Carol); this morning, the sofa was gone.  

"You can take the sofa out of the house, but you can't take the ghetto out of Lafayette," David said when he noticed the sofa was gone, and I pouted and reminded him that people everywhere take stuff like that.  Then he grumbled about how the neighborhood association and a couple of cops would've come to our door with this situation if we lived in the ritzy area of his teenagehood.  

Anyway, this is what I'm doing with my Saturday.  Cleaning up cat vomit.  I make my parents so proud.


  1. Hahha, your sunday sounds fun.
    Dude. Our cat got ringworm and laid all over the couch, so we threw it out by the dumpster. A few hours later, we noticed that it was gone. A few hours after that... we saw it listed on craigslist. That poor, unfortunate soul who bought our ringworm-infested couch.

    1. Hahahaha! That is too, too funny. I think the general rule for Craigslist, though, is that you should bleach everything you buy.

      I kind of felt the same after I donated my hair. Like, the kid has cancer, right? Which sucks. And now the kid has damaged, unmanageable hair. All because I felt like being giving.

  2. I know this isn't the point of your blog, but I just thought I would say: If you get a major refund on your taxes every year, you ought to consider adjusting your number of exemptions on your W-4. You probably are being too conservative.

    1. Yes, you're right. I did when I realized how much I was getting back. Last year, it was hard to tell because I was also receiving the First Time Homebuyer's credit, *plus* credits for installing energy-efficient items in the house, etc., so I didn't really pay attention. This year, it was much more obvious. Very good advice!

  3. I too have a cat that barfs all over. Also, CONGRATS on paying off credit cards, that's wonderful news!

    1. Thanks! Loved the photos in your latest entry.