I'll probably delete this post.

Sometimes, late at night, when I'm going through my friends' Facebook photo albums, I think...

"Dude.  If you'd married me, you wouldn't have an ugly wife and a kid that looks like a retard."

All these guys I knew in high school seem to have extremely ugly, stupid families.  Women that support that Romney idiot.  Children that have to be at least four years old and are still wearing diapers.  Men, women, and children grimacing for the photo.

When people become parents, they seem to consider themselves photographers for some reason, and all I see are pictures of kids.  Kids I don't know... kids I don't think are cute.  I'm sure that, if I'd met them in person, they might do cute things before they crapped their pants and demanded cookies... but in general, kids aren't that cute.

My nieces are pretty cute.  They've both got cute personalities.  They're both independent, creative, imaginative, funny, and intelligent.  They're like me in some ways -- stubborn, needy at times, picky, quirky.  But also like me... they're both loving and loyal, yet logical.

I'm still not married, and I don't have kids.  But I'd rather be thin and have a good-looking kid.

I'm an atheist, so you can't bandage my last statement by saying that I'm going to hell.  .... because telling me that I'm going to hell is like telling me that Peter Pan is about to run for governor.

Why is it that the only time I was (technically) ever proposed to, it was from someone who didn't actually know what he wanted?  He was everything I wanted, which is a short list:

  • He would be a good dad;
  • He was funny;
  • He was nice to me;
  • He was an atheist;
  • He had a loving family.

Those aren't in order.

Then he looked for a reason to get out.  I still can't forgive either one of us.

In other news, I was at the Indy 500 yesterday.  I took a lot of video.  I will let you see the video.  Tomorrow.

I majored in English, Creative Writing, and Linguistics at fucking Purdue University... and I can't describe how awesome the Indy 500 is.  Which is still okay by me, because it's awesome.  I welcome the opportunity to try to describe it.

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