Practice test

I haven't been writing because I think my brain is broken.

David came home at one point last week and found me wrapped in my Monkees throw blanket, listening to "Star Collector" and sucking my thumb; I haven't really done much since, aside from pick at food on my plate and wash my hair a few times.  And any time I even log in to SWTOR, I end up going, "meh..." then wandering away from the computer, only to wander around every room in the house before ending up at the computer again, only to log out of SWTOR and stare blankly at Reddit for hours.

The only thing that feels relatively gratifying is clearing out rubble from the master bedroom.  Maybe later tonight, I'll post a video I shot, where David is dressed head-to-toe in blue scrub-like protective gear, plus an elaborate breathing mask -- an outfit that would've made him look like a love child from the Cookie Monster and Darth Vader if it weren't for the video's main attraction, which is the destruction of my bedroom ceiling.


  1. Susie this makes me sad!!!!! Do we need to get into some trouble this weekend to knock you out of this funk?!