Outside my window right now

Indiana is not for the weak.

Under a tornado watch now.  Bloomington is just now starting to get slammed with a cell a lot worse than ours.  I hope nothing happens to the Indiana University campus -- it's so pretty and historic.

Anyway -- time to break out the NOAA weather radio and sit on the porch!


  1. Take pictures! We don't get any extreme weather here in England.

  2. What's an NOAA radio? In agreeance with Tom, Perth has really boring weather - blue skies and sunny...

    1. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They make radios that broadcast all severe weather -- plus, they're battery powered and are equipped with a small lever, which you can crank to power the radio up.

      So basically, Indiana is filled with a bunch of people that sit on the porch during bad weather -- the weather radio is a way to see if a tornado or anything is on the ground.