"It is what it is." "BUT WHAT IF IT ISN'T."

The subject line is a conversation I just had via email with a co-worker of mine who was using the phrase "it is what it is."  And man, that phrase bugs me.  It adds nothing to the conversation while also being redundant.  Plus, a lot of people use it to get out of things...to justify things they did wrong.  My co-worker wasn't using it in this context (he was actually talking about the what-would-be-gut-wrenching-loss-if-only-I-liked-basketball Kansas laid down on Purdue last night).  But, yeah, to justify things you do wrong:

Officer:  "Ma'am, you were going 55 in a 30 mph zone."
Woman:  "Well...(shrug)...it is what it is."
Officer:  "You're right.  It is."  (no ticket, drives off)

What is a better way to say that we can't change what has already happened?  (Other than what I just said?)  "What's done is done" makes a wee bit more sense to me but is essentially the same phrase.  And "can't change the past" sounds stupid, because how in the hell do you respond to that?  "Oh, oops.  Thought I could," or "Of course I can, but the DeLorean's in the shop."

The only proper way to respond to that in conversation is, "Yep.  Can't change the past."  And then, the conversation effectively dies.


In other news, David had a couple of job interviews last week, and we went shopping for some new interview clothes.  He was getting tired of dressing like George W. Bush all the time. 

So, some of you may know, David's not exactly petite.  He's gotta be like 6'3", and he's built like....oh, say...someone who was in the military for 12 years.  He's got long arms, long legs, and a football player's neck.  That made looking for clothes in his size quite the formidable task.  Hardly any of the shirts could accommodate an 18" (you heard me) neck, and one shirt he tried on looked like the sleeves were made for a T-Rex, but it could've been an optical illusion.

We finally found a shirt in a cream-ish color that would begrudgingly fit him.  Then, here's the kind of shopper he is:  He grabbed a green-ish tie and walked toward the register.  I was like, "Wait!  Pants!  Shoes!  Belt!" and then he did one of these:

He walked to the belts, considered for a moment, and then plucked one up; we went to the shoes, where I briefly "got lost oops" in the women's aisles, and he pointed at a pair of shoes he wanted.  Just pointed.  He mumbled something about already having pants to go with these, and before I knew it, we were out of the store and back at home.

The next morning, the first thought I had upon waking:

And then, "Oh, SHIT."

I hadn't even had time to think about what the outfit would look like as a whole, and David (who wouldn't have cared anyway) doesn't watch The Office.  By the time I realized that he would look like Dwight fucking Schrute at his job interviews, it was too late.  But it was out of my hands.  It was what it was, or something equally stupid.

He said both his interviews went well, and that's awesome, but I did see him briefly in his interview clothes, and aside from some minor things -- David's got better hair, no glasses, and looks more like Ed Helms than Rainn Wilson -- yes... he was dressed a lot like Dwight. 

EDIT:  I also wanted to address how my area of Indiana has skipped spring and gone right into summer, which is totally cool with me, because I didn't care for blizzards during my spring break in school.  Now that I'm an adult and spring break is about as real as Santa, I still don't like the "is it/isn't it" crap on whether winter's really over.  The dial will make its way up to 50 degrees on occasion before teetering back down to 30 a few days later -- and that lasts for weeks

But this year, we've been holding steadily in the mid to upper 70s for days now, and it's fucking awesome.  I'm gonna look like an idiot if it snows next week, and I give you permission to make fun of me.  Like, "helloooooo, aren't you like, from Indiana?  gawd." 

In case that happens, I'm happy to have this item of cheer and optimism (oh god, who am I) displayed proudly on my desk:

love love love this!  I had to crop the pic kind of close, because it's on my work desk, and I'd get in trouble for not being a secret squirrel about items next to it.  Although, FINE, I'll tell you that the item on the right is..... a tape dispenser.  mind=blown

EDIT #2:  Just wanted to say thank you to buygenericsfromindia.com, which has sent six people to my site.  What the fuck?


  1. This post made me laugh. Happy summer!

  2. HAHAHAHAA!!!! I love that he looked like Dwight.
    It is what it is.
    Sorry, Ever since I read the first paragraph, I had this irresistible urge to put that in my comment somewhere, so I did.
    And I get people from those spam sites, too. Don't click on their link in your referrals tab!!!

  3. Haha! Brilliant! Just what I needed to read :)!