I voted to name it "The Creamsicle," but everyone hated that

So a certain family member of mine, being a "retahred Amurrican" and treating himself for devoting 40 years to our public schools, bought himself a bitchin' orange Mustang. 

Not the best photo.  From my Blackberry.
 And this certain family member drove it over to The Park Ave. Pub on Sunday to watch the race and have some awesome homemade burgers (will post the recipe soon), homemade fruit salad, and potato salad.  We walked around the park after the race.  It was nice. 

Then this certain family member, when it was time to go, backed his beautiful Mustang out of the driveway and into David's car.  Sober, in broad daylight. 

To this certain family member:  I'm sorry for posting this, but I had to.  Once I'm in a habit of writing about my life, I can't really stop.  I tried not to for as long as I could, and it turns out that "as long as I could" is about two days.

The Mustang was a little scratched, but it turned out that most of the marks were scuffs.  I sat for about a half hour next to the bumper of the Mustang, performing a "Mom-spit-face-wash" on the scuffs, and they were coming right out.  David's car had a dent, but it was big enough where they knew they'd be able to get it out, if that makes sense.

THING IS, this certain family member knows a lot about taking care of cars.  He put stuff (rubbing compound?  I have no idea) on his car so you can't even tell that it got a couple of small scratches.  Then, he came over yesterday with this suction cup thingie (?) and the rubbing compound, and they took the dent and scratches out of David's car.  David's car looks like nothing ever happened to it, and I haven't seen the Mustang yet, but I have heard that my certain family member is really happy with how it looks, and that's all that matters to me. 


  1. Jeff did this to my old Escort once. Except it was into a tree. Also broad daylight. And it's Jeff, so you know he was sober. Also, he lacks the skills to fix that kind of thing. Fortunately(?) it was only cosmetic damage...

  2. Bahaha, those poor cars.
    I used to back my car into our garbage can every wednesday, because the douchey trash man always put the can in the middle of my side of the driveway. I had a dent in my car because seriously - EVERY wednesday.

  3. When I buy s new car I immediately put a scratch in it just to get the inevitable over with.

    If the interior is white it should definatly be named creamcicle.

    Cranky Old Man

    1. That's a good point. However, the interior is black, so right now I'm calling it The Boilermaker (after Purdue's school colors).