Quiet Sunday at The Park Ave. Pub

Woke up late, playing SWTOR, eating a turkey sandwich.  I love Sundays.

I've got this in the crockpot for dinner:

Improvised beef stew.  I'd planned on making it, but I forgot to go to the store to get the requisite carrots and celery.  Instead, I scavenged and found:

- half a bag of frozen green beans
- three potatoes
- a can of beef broth
- a quarter of an onion

I was happy as a pig in shit to find this stuff.  Then I proceeded with the recipe:

Drop the stew meat into an empty crockpot.  Make a flour mix with a half cup of flour and a half tablespoon or so of each salt, black pepper, and minced garlic.  Sprinkle the mix over the stew meat and stir it around -- you want to coat the meat.  I then add a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce, a can of beef broth, and about a cup and a half of water.  Then come the potatoes (washed and quartered), the green beans, and the onion (chopped).  If you're not the laziest person in the world like me, this would also be the time for you to add your sliced celery and chopped carrots.  Really, any vegetable should work well with this recipe.

Put the crockpot on low and stir the stew occasionally for the next several hours.  The broth will thicken.  Serve with crusty, buttered bread.  Nom.

Not sure how the green beans will fare; I've never done them in a crockpot before.  It looks pretty, though.  Adds a new color to the stew.

Anyway, it's definitely a lazy Sunday.  Even the cats are chillin':

Tiny Cissy and ginormous Bella.
Trying to put some weight back on Micky, so we're feeding her kitten food too (more calories).  This pic was taken about 20 minutes ago; now she's curled up on my desk in a patch of sun.  :)

Will add the beef stew recipe to the Recipe page.  Try it out; I'll let you know how the green beans work.

And Kate:  Will have a post coming soon about how to stay awake, but I have to do research first.  ;)

P.S.  The last 24 hours have taught me that not only was I not the only kid in 1993 to listen to "I Will Always Love You" over and over again, but that I shouldn't be embarrassed about it.  When I was in the third grade, my friend Alicia lent me her cassette tape of the song, and I listened (and sang) to it so many times, I pretty much had the rewind time down.  (For those of you who are much younger than I am, that means at the end of the song, I'd have to press this button -- with my own hands! -- called "Rewind," and then the tape in the cassette would go backwards.  I did this so much that I knew when to press Play again...would take something like 16 seconds to rewind to the beginning.)  I just wanted to address that on here, just so everything you hear today is about Whitney Houston.

EDIT:  The green beans in the beef stew fucking rocked!  They were a perfect addition.  The onion added a good kick.  I did not miss the carrots and celery at all.  The plan was for David to eat some the next day, but the stew was gone by the end of the night.  :)  Don't mean to brag, but...

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