Nerves: shot

To distract myself, I'm going to go on another rant:

I am so fucking sick of Whitney Houston being all over the news.  She had a couple hit songs like fifteen years ago.  Am I missing something here?!  Everywhere I look, it's "Remembering Whitney," and "R.I.P Whitney, 19whatever-2012," and I'm like, why the fuck does everyone care now?  People are so fucking predictable.  Oh, and her album sales are up.  Because listening to outdated, corny pop music is apparently how people mourn someone they didn't even know and made fun of when she was alive. 

And I know that me ranting about it here only contributes to her name being plastered everywhere, but this is something that's bothered me about journalism for about the last ten years.  I knew that the day after her death, I would see a headline about medicine bottles in the hotel room.  They did it with MJ, Heath Ledger, etc.  And I was right.  Then a day or so later, the article comes on all strong and juicy with, "Officials report that medicine bottles have in fact been found in the hotel room..." and ends all weak and stupid with, "...the type of medicine has been confirmed to be ibuprofen (painkiller) and Midol." 

FIRST off, ibuprofen isn't a fucking painkiller; it's an anti-inflammatory, you sensationalist pricks.  (You also messed up when you said her Xanax was an anti-depressant, moron.)  That's like seeing me drinking a glass of water and then telling everyone that it's vodka.  SECOND, hey everyone that works on the news, you're all fucking stupid.   

I bet if a reporter's grandmother died, they would stand outside the grandmother's house with a microphone and say (to no one in particular), "Now Tom, officials have not disclosed the cause of death yet, but there are reports of authorities finding a bottle of Robitussin on the scene.  I'm just getting word that the medical staff will be carrying her out on a gurney and into the van.  Back to you, Tom, while we adjust our cameras for the best view." then mumbles to the camera man, "maybe the body bag will fall off and she'll come spilling out.  Think of the ratings.  you think we might be able to make that happen?"

I can just imagine the criteria used for hiring at newspapers and news channels.  "So what kind of experience do you have that qualifies you to be a reporter?"  "Well, I was a gossip in high school..."  "Perfect.  You're hired."

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  1. lmfao! i always love reading your blogs since we became friends on fb thru beth, some of the shit you post is absolutely priceless

    i'm glad that david's interview was today, hopefully you won't be as stressed for the weekend now :P