I've been better.

Good things: 
  • David started receiving the unemployment that was owed him; plus, he's got plenty of leads lined up for work.
  • I've lost five pounds.
  • SWTOR-related:  I'm having fun with my Sith Warrior, Desdemona.  Will start doing more flashpoints, dailies and heroics with Katarine... I need better gear if I want to raid.
  • We've just about made it to March without it getting cold enough to make politicians put hands in their own pockets.  Usually, there's a big snow here and there, but it's been extremely mild.  I haven't worn a jacket in weeks.
  • I've crossed over from "don't really care" to "find it entertaining" on the subject of people who gossip a lot.
Bad things:
  • A co-worker and friend passed away suddenly last Thursday.  He was only 32, and he and his wife just had a baby a few months ago.  Everyone's still kind of in shock, especially because we don't really know what happened.  My work building has never been so quiet.  Anyway, I've been down about it for the last few days.
  • My hair is being really, really stupid.
  • The two year anniversary of me becoming a homeowner was yesterday, and I don't really feel like I have much to show for it.  Right?

So I'm just kinda sitting here going, "good things, good things, good things." 

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