House to myself

My splint is starting to smell like cigarettes and feet, and it makes it too hard to type, so I've taken it off for this post.  I also took it off last night to do a hardmode in SWTOR, which was kind of stupid.

Anyway, so David's out of town until at least Friday, which means I have some new freedoms for the time being.  While he's gone, I plan to eat a truckload of snow crab legs, salmon patties, and ocean perch -- all prepared at home.  I also plan to hog the remote and leave clothes on the bathroom floor.

I've also been hogging the kittehs.  Cissy is still scared of Micky, so when Micky jumps up on the bed, Cissy backs up all cute-like against my face.  Here they are, getting along with each other and curled up next to mommy (with Cissy backed up into my face):

Quick update on my Super Bowl party:  I'm a party genius.  I think there may even be a Third Annual Park Ave. Pub Super Bowl Party of Awesome (if everyone's lucky, oh yeah).  Some highlights:

- The Giants fucking won
- My chili was almost all gone by the end
- Everyone brought awesome food and drinks, so we had a crazy amount of food without me racing around to make four different huge dishes (all I made was chili and a spinach dip bread bowl, both of which are really easy)

In other news, women are disgusting:

EDIT:  This is NOT my bandage; I found this in a ladies' room at work.


  1. haha, you are grouse! ewww :-P

    oooh, having a house to yourself! you should also do all your laundry and personal hygiene stuff that you wouldn't do if you thought someone would walk in on you doing. My housemates are always hogging the laundry so if I want to do hand washing just not going to happen.
    I would also walk around in my bummy pj's, eat messy food and not do the dishes straight away and watch lots of shitty tv.

    1. Oh, the band-aid is not mine! I found that in the ladies' room at work. But yes, the stinky splint on my hand is allll my doing...

      My behavior around the house has been pretty much normal, since I typically go around in bummy pajamas (number one question in real life has been, "So are you walking around naked a lot?" and then I reply with a horrified "No!" because I've never done that). Only difference is the abundance of seafood cooking. The smell of seafood really bothers David, so I limit it when he's here, but I've been pigging out on crab legs and salmon. :)