Good thing I'm left-handed

Apparently, it's a bad thing when your hand hurts so much that you can't turn the car key in the ignition.  I have tendinitis, and I partially blame work, I partially blame SWTOR, and I TOTALLY blame people that make me mad (because then my hands get all stressed out, what with the wringing and balling of fists).

It doesn't hurt too much with the splint on, but I occasionally forget about the injury and try to prop open a door or situate myself in a chair with my fingers, and it turns out to be a huge mistake.

I just thought I'd update, although it's hard to type, because I wanted to show off THIS SEXY AWESOME:

Some of my co-workers have signed it:
The "With much sympathy" note was in jest... originally, that co-worker wanted to write "FAKER" all over the splint, but I told him I wanted room for my nieces to sign their names.

Super Bowl party at the Park Ave. Pub on Sunday; there are more people expected than last year.  Will still just be making chili and my spinach dip.  Might have to get David to chop an onion, but other than that, I'm ready to celebrate one of my favorite holidays -- no matter who's playing.*

I really should just try to type a paragraph (sentence, word) without deleting my errors, but then I would miss out on my exercise for the day.  Regardless, here are a couple of pictures about my hair, because I'm just that interesting (and because I don't really have to type to do this):

Hair on Tuesday:

Hair on Wednesday:

One more thing:  a couple of questions...

(1) does anyone else think Picasa is cumbersome and obnoxious, or am I just not smart enough to use it in a way that lives up to my standards?

(2) when an annoying teenager says "OMGGGGGG" on Facebook, how do you sound that out in your head?  I'm just asking because, to me, it looks like "oh my guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-guh"

* Tom Brady's a douche.  I'm rooting for the Giants, and not just because their QB is the little brother of "my" team's QB.  But also because Tom Brady's a douche.


  1. Now that's the Susan I know!

  2. Btw, that comment was from me, your mamma.

  3. Agreed, Tom Brady is a douche! I'm rooting for the Giants also, and not just because I'm a NYer. I really just don't want to walk around the city listening to people bitch about the Pats for the next few weeks. Although, that will probably happen regardless of tomorrow's outcome...*sigh* NYers are obnoxious, aren't we?
    Also, I feel your pain, I have carpel tunnel in my right wrist, and being right-handed, it blows.

  4. I do not have carel tunnel, Art vists me instead! I will be on the Giants side. I simply do not like Tom B or his B wife, I like Eli and Harbaugh so GO Giants!

  5. liking the new hair, especially the fringe. NICE!