Ten random things about me

1.  I hate the word "random."  Makes me think of Annoying Facebook Girl:

2.  On the phone or in recordings, my voice is almost indistinguishable from my mother's. 

3.  When I was a kid, I went through a brief phase where I was scared of dinosaurs.  At night, I hated having to wait in the downstairs hallway to use the bathroom, because I was afraid that a dinosaur was watching me through darkened windows in the living room.  To make matters worse, I was doing a school project on dinosaurs at the time.

4.  If the money weren't so bad, I wouldn't mind waitressing for the rest of my career.

Even if it did make me look like this sometimes.  My dad calls that the Vulture Look.

5.  I have the world's broadest shoulders.  LITERALLY LOL IM SO RANDOM

No, seriously.  When I wear a dress, I look like Clay Matthews in a dress.

6.  My musical tastes are from another planet.  Know any other 27-year-old girls who go absolutely apeshit for Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull?  Anyone?  That's what I thought.

7.  My cat Micky is my emotional clone.  You never know if I'm going to be extremely needy or if I'm going to scratch the shit out of your face.  She follows me everywhere, always comes when she's called, and greets me at the door like a dog.  And when I'm sad, the first thing she does is to sit on my lap and purr.  Not afraid to get all BACK UP BITCH if need be, but probably the most loving and loyal sweetheart ever.  Except for the time that I had a migraine and was vomity/crying and she peed on my bed while I was in it.  ....just like I, at times, can be similarly irrational....

Plus, she likes little hidey places.  She doesn't celebrate Christmas, but she celebrates when I break out the decorations.

And I'm serious about her following me everywhere.  When I sit at the computer, she just sits there and stares at me.  For as long as it takes.

8.  I'm left-handed, but I pitched softball for nine years as a righty because my dad couldn't find a left-handed mitt at the store that would fit me.

9.  I am incredibly, unconditionally stubborn.  Yesterday I refused out loud to wear weather-appropriate shoes.  "I AM, they MATCH my OUTFIT.  Who gives a shit about snow.  I certainly don't.  Take that, snow."  ...but no one was there.  No one was trying to talk me out of anything.  I was refusing to -- that's right -- myself.  Which, really, that's the best way, because then I always win.  Hey guys, check out me winning:

win win win win win win win win

10.  In a perfect world, I would be eating pizza right now.  Or, really, any given moment. 

It's really hard to just think of "random" things about yourself.  I kept wanting to put things like, I'm five foot seven, or I'm a Taurus, or I like to cook.  But those are things kind of on the surface, and I wanted to try to think of things that you might not guess.  (I can hear my parents and David smirking at someone maybe not guessing I'm hysterically stubborn.)  And to the things that you maybe would guess, I tried to at least add something interesting about it. 

Okay, time to jet so I can make some steaks tonight!  om nom nom... so expect an update to the recipe page soon if this works out!  Got some ribeyes for $4.50 apiece today, and I haven't done ribeyes in a long time, so let's hope this works out for the sake of my precious, precious ego.


11.  I put hot sauce on everything.  Everything.


  1. Don't know if my comments are making it to your blog or not, but I have broad shoulders also I look like Dick Butkus in a dress with shoulder pads!!!!!!! Here is a random thing about you, you have fun with much older people like your mom and I!!!!!! LOL

    1. Yep, your comment is showing up!

      Is me having fun while you and Mom are in rare form on buses to Chicago a random thing about me, or is it just that you and Mom are super funny?

  2. I don't go absolutely nuts for mellow classic rock, but I do like it more than any other type of music.

    I played softball in 8th grade and my coach had me bat as a lefty because I seemed to hit the ball better, even though I am right handed. But that also accounts for the position I played most... left out.

    Scared of everything as a kid was I. I wouldn't get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom either because I was always afraid there would be creepy men peeping in the windows. Even though we lived in a tiny tiny town and knew everyone, we lived two doors down from the only bar in a 15 mile radius, and 2 miles from a Federal Prison.

    When I filled in the about me section of my facebook profile, I didn't even think. I quickly typed as fast as I could anything about me (random or not) that came to my mind before I could think about it. It's quite interesting.

    1. Hi!

      I do find that a lot of people like classic rock, but it's progressive rock that's kind of the odd thing for me -- the bands I mentioned are a little weird for a female my age to love love love.

      My About Me section on my Facebook profile is pretty much empty. I think I put something like, "Isn't that what the rest of the profile is for...?"

  3. Dude. I also have incredibly broad shoulders. I blame mine on swimming, though.
    Crazy as it sounds... I actually enjoyed waitressing, don't tell anyone!