Team Party 2012

Changed my header -- tell me what you think, because I'm not an experienced designer one bit.  Any tips on how to make it more "outdoor cafe menu-like with chalk text that matches the color scheme" would be great.

It's almost time for the 2nd Annual Park Ave. Pub Super Bowl Party Of Awesome.  (Just got a flashback from The Office -- Pam answers the phone, "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Race For The Cure, this is Pam... yeah, they hung up.") 

I'm not big on any of the teams that are still in the play-offs (if you could have only seen me jumping up and down at the Checkerboard when the Saints scored this weekend, only to sit with my forehead on the table a minute and a half later), but considering the location of the Super Bowl this year -- Indianapolis, what up -- it'll still be pretty special.  So come one, come all.  I'll be making my now-award-winning chili and spinach dip, maybe deviled eggs since the other two dishes take so little time to make, and I'll stock the bar up a bit for you heathen drinkers. 

Since I can't bake, and because I think it's ridiculous, I will not have one of these:

Or...oh my god, this:

Last year's Super Bowl party was a lot of fun.  It's quickly becoming my favorite holiday.  Instead of the stand-bys like chips and salsa, people brought homemade dishes -- walnut and gorganzola crusted grapes, garlic cheese fondu, calzones, taco dip -- and the day after the party, it didn't matter that I showered, because the smell of garlic and onion was seeping out of my pores, I had an upset stomach, and I felt both hungry and full at the same time.  That's right -- I had a food hangover.  I was barely even drinking at the party last year, which is always how it is when I host, but the next day I felt like I'd had so much food that I couldn't move.

That's my goal for this year, too!  C'mon, Super Bowl!  Make me feel like shit!  Woooo!

Real quick:  David's former co-workers came over to cheer him up when he got laid off, I asked our friend J. if he wanted a beer, and he said, "Sure. I'll stop at one." Later in the evening, I asked him if he'd like another beer, and he said, "Oh... no, I stop at one." Then I got confused because it was only 10:30. Took me a bit to realize that he stops at one drink. True story.

Anyone else having a Super Bowl party?

EDIT:  Improved (in my opinion) the header.  Thanks to Rachel for the suggestions!


  1. Nah. Our family doesn't enjoy football. However, don't let us catch some motorcycle racing on speed channel. We're all up on that.

    1. Hey B! I come from a big family of die-hard IndyCar fans, so I get where you're coming from. Here's hoping that both sports have an easier season this year. :)

  2. I can read your header! I approve.
    And... I love that episode of the office.
    And... I'm so frickin' out of the loop over here. Who's in the superbowl this year? Or do we not know that yet? Silly Europeans, all they care about is soccer. Psh.

    1. Thanks Alyx! I actually changed it again an hour or so ago, and I like it better now -- the letters are less shaky. Looked like I had MS Paint delirium tremens or something.

    2. Oh, and no, we don't know who's playing yet. But I like to plan ahead. :)

  3. Holy crap! That second picture is awesome!

  4. LOVING the header (!!!!), not too sure about the background though?
    Um, superbowl?! you should totally have chicken wings with spicy dipping sauce! (well, that's what the have on "how I met your mother" and that's about all I know about the superbowl).

  5. I will have to try that next time (referring to your comment). That's what the recipe said to do but I just kind of went with stirring it in. As I was stirring it I thought to myself "Holy crap the flour is sticking to everything!"