It's Mondaytastic

Today started off similar to most Mondays I've had lately, where if you're near me and breathing then I want to kill you:

More and more people are telling me that my hair looked better when it was long and dark.  What am I supposed to do?  Say, "Oh, hang on for five years, brb growing out my hair"??  Steal the hair back from some little cancery kid and glue it to my head?  Or maybe wait until a time machine is invented so I can use it for the sole, frivolous purpose of going back in time to stop my haircut?  Yes, I'm growing it out because I miss having long hair.  And yes, I'll become a brunette again eventually -- not because I don't like the blond, but because being a brunette is less expensive.

July 2010...there's actually more hair than that; it was down to my waist
May 2011

November 2011.  Um, the one on the left.

So that was my biggest pet peeve of the day, and considering that the pet peeves of some people are things like, "I haven't eaten in six days" or "I wish this guy wasn't knifing me to death right now," I now feel pretty silly.  But if those people wanted to, they could start a blog and write about those things. 

But THEN, David called me at work and said his mom sent him something in the mail.  The package contained:
- one of the DVDs that David got me for Christmas (Black Swan was absent... if my aunt Sally starts yelling "ATTACK IT!  ATTACK IT!  ATTACK IT!" at random moments, we will know that she kept the DVD and got swanned in by the metaphors one is whacked over the head with when watching that movie)
- the headset that David also got me for Christmas.  This is very important.  See, when we're both sitting in the office playing SWTOR, we're sometimes also on a program so that we can talk to others in our guild.  Some of you gamers out there are going, "um, yeah, Vent, der," but my mom's not hip to it, so gimme a break.  Anyway, so at times he's let me borrow his headset so that I can chat with other guildies.  And then this is what happens:

Me:  "Hey guys."
Everyone:  [variations of "hi," "how are you," and Joey going "YO"]
Me:  "I'm on the Imperial Fleet crafting at the moment, but I'm gonna head to Belsavis and do some dailies."
Everyone:  [variations of "cool," "I'm on the Fleet too," and Joey going "SCHWEEEET"]
AND David:  "You talkin' to me?"  I shake my head at him while other people talk.
Me:  "Awesome, I finally got the advanced insight enhancement.  That took forever."
Everyone AND David:  "hyeoyu  gsrhaotusl dK akte,e pm aRkEei nogn et hfoosre m toeo?."  (Joey:  "AWRIIIITE")

Of course, when everyone + David talks, it's usually during one of my cinematics, when my character is having a conversation, so I'm trying to listen to upwards of at least three people at once.  Now, if we both have our headsets on, we'll know when the other person is talking on Vent.  Mostly so I don't have a nervous breakdown.

- And finally, the package included a spare set of keys to David's car.  He broke his key about a week ago.  I was so worried that he'd get a job interview and I'd have to leave work to take him to it.  That would be bad news for him, because I would never be able to resist trying to clean his face with a spitty thumb and yelling after him, "NOW BE GOOD!  REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS!  MAKE SURE TO SAY 'PLEASE' AND 'THANK YOU,' AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, TUCK IN THAT SHIRT!"

So, that package -- and the fact that I'll be signing my own name on my very first audit (okay, so I assisted my boss, whatever... I'll still get to sign my tiny, lowly name under his big important one) -- made my day much better.  I no longer want to kill people for simply breathing. 

Though I will still kill people who eat loudly and with their mouths open, because what the fuck.


  1. Miss Susie Q, Not only does your mom not know what the f*** you are talking about but neither does your very hip up to date lovely aunt! I finally got your blog only to read all about something that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. So on that note what time is the SB party and I have some great appitizers that I am going to spring on all of you......GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, kick-off is scheduled at 6:30. Seems kinda late, but that's okay. You can come on over any time! Go Giants!

    (And yes, the stuff you and Mom won't understand is all nerdy gaming stuff.)

  3. I think your blonde hair looks fine. Go tell all those stupid people to shove it where the sun don't shine.