Okay, so for the last two weeks, any time I go to my blog, it fucking freezes, and it's annoying as shit.  I don't give a fuck about my language right now, because I'm fucking pissed.  NOW, I've just learned that ever since I changed my blog name from "Q the Avenger" to "The Park Ave. Pub," my favorite aunt can't get to my blog, which doesn't exactly make my fucking Christmas morning, and she'd probably tell you asswipes the same thing.

When I go to my main blog page, everything's hunky-fucking-dory until I try to visit any other link on my page.  Like, for example, ANY OTHER FUCKING LINK ON MY PAGE.

There isn't anything I can't stand more other than people not doing their fucking jobs.  I want this thing fixed, NOW.

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  1. The only fix for this is to download a new brower if you're able to. I have IE where I work, and I constantly have problems when I attempt to do anything. I use firefox at home and everything is beyond fantastico.

    You kind of have to grin and bear it, or switch to word press, unforch. :-/ Don't worry, though. I hate this fucking shit too.