"I'm coming home via Chicago"

Now that it seems like Micky is better, I would like to tell you all about that time when I was in Macy's with my mom and aunt -- I wandered off and got lost, and they freaked and tried to find me... I freaked and tried to find them... by myself in this huge, crowded department store around Christmas and in downtown Chicago no less... then I went back to where they were when I thought I got separated from them, and I found my mom talking to a store employee, totally panic-stricken.  "Mommmm!" I yelled, and then I was upset because I thought she was mad at me, and my aunt was glad I was found safely but also visibly a bit pissed.

And that was just last week. 

You'd think that it wouldn't be a big deal anymore for someone in their twenties to "wander off" in a store, but I found that wasn't the case.  I can't even be trusted as an adult.  Oops.  (David will probably find me later this afternoon in the backyard, playing with matches, or in the basement calling 911 and hanging up just to see what would happen.)

Anyway, highlights from Saturday's trip to Chicago with my favorite mom and favorite aunt:
  • Never actually developing a hangover from the night before, when all of David's now-former co-workers came over with many bottles of alcohol to console/cheer him and bash on the higher-ups at the company.  Didn't go to bed until two, and had to be at the Imperial Travel place to catch our bus by 8 a.m. sharp.
  • Making fun of the bitchy lady sitting next to Carol on the bus.  She was rolling her eyes, snorting and huffing at everything Mom, Carol and I were talking about.  Then on the way back home, she sneered at me and asked, "How's the hangover?"  I was on my cell phone at the time, so all I could really do was give her an ice-queen-ish "fine."
  • $2 six inch Subway meatball marinara.  Warm, tasty, hit the spot.
  • A boy about my age gave us directions and my mom fell in love with him.  Like, she wants to adopt him.  I don't know what it is about cute, well-spoken gay men, but my mother adores them.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of her face when she was gazing up at him.  It was like this: 

  • Some kind of German fest.  Christl-something.  It was at Daley Center or whatever it's called.  Obviously I was paying attention.  Anyway, at this event, we did a lot of walking around and accidentally bumping into strangers.  We also ate some really good food -- I forget what they had, but I had a bratwurst at one point.  We also saw a lot of interesting booths:  Handmade German Christmas ornaments, beer steins (one of which Carol bought for a Christmas gift), blown glass artwork, etc.  We also went into a "warming tent" (oh -- I didn't mention that it was like 14 degrees outside) that had hot wine cider served in a tiny boot, which was decorated in a German theme.  This event also featured many very, very attractive German vendors my age, none of whom actually looked at me twice, not even when I turned to Carol and, in my best German, said m√∂chtest du etwas trinken?.  But still.  I probably got it wrong.
  • We saw the puppet bike on the corner of Dearborn and Washington.  If you ever wonder what it's like to see a puppet bear and a puppet cat dancing together to 1950's style rock and roll in a puppet stage-type contraption on the back of a bicycle, let me tell you -- it is awesome.  And adorable.  There was a little girl dancing to the music near the puppet show; she was so cute.  My mom gave me a dollar and told me to ask the little girl to put it in the tip box.  Her parents were impressed and thanked me.  Maybe they're rich and live in my town and will want me as a nanny.
  • Saw a cute guy at a coffee shop, and my mom forbade me to ever speak to him because she didn't like his butt.
  • We are now two for two on seeing the Chicago Bucket Boys, as we saw them near Millenium Park after the St. Patrick's Day parade, and then we saw them on Saturday in front of Macy's (after I got lost).  Only been to Chicago twice this year, and I ran into these awesome guys both times. 
  • I lost count at 20 for the number of homeless people who approached me or yelled something out.  I didn't give anyone money or cigarettes, but I did give someone outside the German fest a plate of fried potatoes, mostly because he was very well-spoken and looked like he was absolutely freezing.  (Also, he didn't ask for money; he asked for food.)  Other than him, the most memorable homeless person was a kid younger than I am, shouting out, "I WILL TELL YOU A JOKE FOR TEN CENTS.  I SWEAR -- I AM REALLY, REALLY FUNNY."  I would've given him a dollar just to shut the fuck up.  Oh, and this woman who cleared out an entire McDonald's when she walked in because she smelled so badly of urine.  What's actually weird about all this is that I was not approached by one single homeless person when I was in Chicago in March.
  • The Man Who Saved Christmas is a really... really bad movie. 
  • I need to find out if there's a Nordstrom Rack store closer to me, like in Indianapolis maybe.  They have some pretty sweet deals.  Found a pair of Prada kitten heels for about $90.
  • ALSO.  I need to find a CVS that sells Purdue hoodies.  I bought a Wrigley Field hoodie for $10.99 there, and Purdue hooded sweatshirts start at $50.
  • It seemed like everything in downtown Chicago on a Saturday night closes at 3 p.m.  What is that all about?
  • There was a fire in the Macy's building -- we saw smoke coming out one of the windows.  Several firetrucks zoomed into the area, but after about five minutes, the firetrucks left.  Didn't see anything happen.  Smoke still pouring out of the window.  Pedestrians on the sidewalk not even paying attention.  Totally unfazed.  And then there are these three chicks from Indiana, looking up at the building and practically screaming, "Why aren't they doing anything?!"  So again -- what is that all about?
Wonder if there's anything I missed.

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  1. Yes the crazy lady on the bus coming back and asking to be moved after I politely on the way up said to her " You seem very uncomfortable in your seat, I think there is one open closer to the front if you'd like to move" her reply "I'll take that into consideration" yet never moved or made any attempt to move on way there! Her attitude did not improve any while in Chicago, maybe that's the reason she was traveling totally alone!!!!!