And now I want to be annoyed.

My ten-year-old cat Micky is sick.  She isn't a stranger to throwing up, as many kittehs seem to develop bulimia or something when they get older (or a passive aggressive "I don't like your friend.  I shall vomit in her purse."), but yesterday she threw up all over the house.  I counted four massive piles of vomit -- one of them next to my computer chair, so that evening I was lucky enough to accidentally step in the wet spot on the carpet twice.

Since then, she's been "hiding."  David noticed we hadn't seen her in a while, and when I thought about it I realized that I hadn't gotten annoyed at a pompous cat standing in front of my computer monitor, which is kind of a big deal because she's typically such a sociable cat.  Seriously, the girl is constantly up in my bidness.  But we eventually found her in the back of a closet in a room that we barely use.  Just sitting there.  I picked her up and tried to get her to sit in my lap, which she usually loves to do, but she jumped right back down and went to the closet again.  Seeing her hide in the closet was weird, but when she left my lap to go back to the closet -- making it very known to me that she wants to be alone -- was weirder.  She does not prefer being alone. 

I brought her to bed with me last night, and she stayed curled up next to me.  David's had an eye on her and told me that she was still curled up on the bed at noon.  I went home to see her and tried to get her to eat something -- I took her downstairs, put her in front of her food, but ignored it and sat in a corner of the living room under one of the kitty towers.  So weird.

I called the vet, and now David's taking Micky in at 2:15.  I hope she's okay.  The only personality change I've ever seen in her is after she's gotten her annual shots -- she gets lethargic, she doesn't interact with people, and won't eat or use her litterbox. 

David's already at the vet with her.  He says she's "skeered."  Poor thing.  :(

Update:  David called and said Micky has a fever, which they think might be from getting scratched or bitten while playing with Bellatrix.  They also saw that she was down a pound from July -- and for something that's only eight pounds to begin with, I'd say that's a pretty big deal -- and that her fur from half of her body has been lost because of excessive grooming.  They said that's from nerves.  I feel like a terrible mommy -- I'd noticed that the hair around the base of her tail looked funny, but I hadn't noticed that she'd lost so much weight.  Maybe because she still looks so much bigger than the kittens.  :(

So at the vet, they gave her a shot to break the fever, and a shot of antibiotics.  Follow up in a couple of weeks to talk about behavior.  David says they're on their way home now, and she's sitting up in her cage, calm.  I hope she feels better soon.

Another update:  David sent me a picture shortly after he and Micky got home -- she's eating, yayayayayaya

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