What? No fisticuffs?

My friend Grant was in town last night, so I went to dinner with him and our friend Beth.  To sum up the visit:
Me and Beth, who's drunk

Grant and me.  Photo courtesy of Beth, who's drunk

Meanwhile, the audit at work is finishing up without betraying the historical reputation of leaving political explosives in its wake.  That being said, sitting in on the audit was really exciting. 

Now that it's pretty much over, I can concentrate on Thanksgiving.  Time for a mass email to everyone invited to find out what they're bringing, since everyone insists on bringing something this year (just occurred to me that I cooked almost everything last year... I'll take the hint), and I want to avoid having nine green bean casseroles on the table.  David and I are getting the house ready -- cleaning cobwebs out of the corners, trying to finish drywalling a bedroom, finding out where any unpleasant smells are coming from.  Then on Monday, my dad and I are going to go shopping for food and booze. 

David wants to get the P90X DVD workout program for Christmas.  That couldn't come at a better time; I look pregnant in this dress.

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