The Vintage Union

Maybe some big news.  I might be recording a piano part for my cousin Jon and his band The Vintage Union in a song that Jon wrote about our grandmother after she passed away.

The most poignant lyric in that song is, in my opinion, "If I could only live my life the way she played piano."

She taught me how to play the piano when I was three years old.  Twenty-four years later, I could be recording piano to a song about her.  I'm not new to the recording studio -- in college, I was in a band with another girl and we recorded several songs, and we also played in a few places around town (including a coffee shop in which Peter Tork later held a concert).

Playing at the Skylight Coffeehouse in downtown Lafayette, IN, circa Summer 2008.  I'm on the left.  Peter Tork later played on this stage November 5, 2009.
However, my piano skills are a little rusty now.  I don't even play anymore, especially if anyone else is in the house, because I don't want anyone to hear my elaborate mistakes.  Here's hoping that I'm able to get some prep first.

Oh, and just for some proof that I have, in fact, met Peter Tork (and he totally flirted with me, but I have no proof of that):

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