Haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I'd give some updates...

1.  Have been super busy at work.  No time for pronouns.  Nd n tm fr vwls.

2.  Have been planning Thanksgiving feast, now known as "Gourmet Thursday" (a term my mom coined last year when I hosted).  I am having:
  • Ginormous turkey
  • Sausage, apple and cranberry stuffing (not stuffed in the turkey, though)
  • Cranberry spinach salad
  • Gravy
  • Haven't decided if I want to make those crescent roll things or just buy some French bread
  • Appetizers:  deviled eggs and spinach dip
  • Pumpkin pie
All my guests are bringing things, too, so the thought has already crossed my mind to leave plates full of food on my neighbor's doorstep.  Is it possible to donate the rest?

3.  David and I are in a cleaning frenzy with the house and preparing to drywall an upstairs bedroom.  We did more demo on it this past weekend -- taking the ceiling down -- and I have pictures and video of that, but I don't have a way to get them on the computer at the moment.  Will try to get that done this weekend.  But we are working feverishly to have the house spic and span by Thursday.  David rented a steam cleaner (which I unknowingly had a $6 coupon for, grr) for the carpets, and they look much better than before; they were stained from a year and a half of eating, smoking and drinking in the living room... and the stairs were stained when a family friend who shall remain nameless got a bit too drunk one day.  I just don't want the house to smell of cat.

4.  Got a new computer at work, and it's confusing.  It makes me feel old.  I find myself peppering David and my own IT people with questions -- "Where are my databases?  Where did my browser go?  It says I can't log in..." -- and it reminds me of trying to show my mom how to use a cell phone or talking my dad through the process of uploading a picture to a website.  At the time, I was just like oh, silly old people, but now I'm in their group.  The group of people who say things like "I clicked on the internet."

5.  My best friend at work left about a month ago, and a new person started yesterday in his place.  Not much more to say about that, other than I miss working with my friend and I doubt I have anything in common with the new person.  I say that because I don't often feel like I have anything in common with any of my other co-workers, either.  

And I almost forgot:
6.  Due to all the demo upstairs, we had an electrician come to the house on Saturday to take out the old knob and tube wiring in the attic, because -- contrary to everything you've ever heard -- it's a bad idea to walk on knob and tube and cover it with a bunch of insulation.  So the electrician took a look around and pretty much said the house should have failed inspection.  He walked into one of the rooms in the basement and all David heard was, "holy shit!"  Knob and tube was connected to new wiring, the boxes were warm to the touch, etc.  The electrician won't even take out the attic knob and tube -- won't even put his name on the invoice -- unless he fixes the stuff in the basement too.  So there goes another $1500.  (Do you think this would count as a project expense?  David was bragging about redoing that room under budget... and I'm in kind of a shitty mood, so I need someone to "neener neener" at.)

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