I believe I've reached "Disgusting"

Someone needs to make up just one word for the particular type of fatigue that occurs after Staying Up Too Late And Drinking Too Much™.  Most people just say "hungover," but to me that implies headache and nausea as well.  I don't have headache or nausea, but I have the glazed eyes, the "ughhghghghh" every time I get out of my chair, the sensation that I am 70 pounds overweight (either because of the gallons of vodka, the 1700 mg of sodium that was in the entire pizza, or the 15 hours I spent playing SWTOR), and the suspicion that I could probably fall asleep within ten seconds if I just rest my chin on my hand.

But I need to be in good shape tomorrow -- big day at work.  Of course, I'll still be playing a lot of SWTOR, just without all the booze.  Less booze means running into fewer walls in the game.  And in real life.

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