Oh, Indiana, you tricky bastard

On Sunday, it was 67 degrees (F), and now it's snowing.  The older I get, the more I hate snow, except for the first snowfall, because it's funny to see the college kids from outside the Midwest FREAK THE CRAP OUT.

But then it's also the older I get that I realize that snow is like dating a stripper.  At first it's exciting and a bit dangerous, but then after a while you notice that it's really just dirty and annoying.  And it'll probably fuck up your car.

Anyway, it started out like this:

Keeping it classy with a tasteful dusting of powder
 Then an hour later:

Shit's just gettin' crazy up in here

Actually, I'm kidding.  Nothing is "crazy."  Well, maybe for the students on visas from Brazil, but not for Hoosiers.  We will zoom around your slow-moving car, shaking our heads and saying, "sheesh, as if he's never seen snow before!  Your plate says INDIANA, buddy, ACT LIKE IT."  The Indiana-born elderly will probably just drive you off the road.  They have no mercy.


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