We built this kitteh citeh

D. does this thing where he creates structures in his mind. 

We were at lunch once on a work day, and he wasn't as verbose as usual, so when I asked him what was up, he said, "Oh... just thinking about building a workbench.  Is it okay if I build a workbench?"  "Sure," I said, dreading the huge project ahead.  It took ex-fianc√© P. days upon weeks to finish the workbench in our rented North St. home four years ago.  It turned out pretty nice, but that's one of the only things -- other than that workbench, a table he made for his sister (where the emphasis was really on the table top, which had pictures on it underneath the polyurethane; the table itself was very simple), and a screen he built at the North St. house to keep the cats out of the living room -- that I remember him successfully building.  His woodworking talent isn't astounding, I think; it was the creative things he would do with simple construction that was eye-catching. 

One thing that P. also seemed to have trouble with was having wood left over or having a measurement be slightly off, which screwed up half the project.  He did so much research, shopping around, drawing, measuring... only to usually have something come out weird.  Which is why I was so surprised when D. went to Home Depot that Saturday and, in two hours, with no drawings or measurements, he built a workbench one could park a truck on, and he tossed the extra two feet of 2"x4" into the firepit.

So a couple days ago, with the help of my dad and my Home Depot credit card, he built a kitty city without so much as a shopping list.

Cutting the plywood to fit around the poles.

It's starting to come together -- we added carpet on the poles and surfaces, then twisted rope around some areas for a scratching surface.
Almost finished, right side up.

Building the little house on top, which we pretty much measured out to accommodate Cissy.  Micky's been terrorizing her lately.

The finished product!

D. thought to affix the top with hinges, in case we need to get a cat out of the house.  Also, my dad put a dog toy in the door to get the full effect.

Kittehs love!  They're playing with toys we hung from hooks screwed into the bottoms of surfaces.


  1. Might want to anonymize the text under those pictures. -- O.G.

  2. Eh... most people who read this know his name, but I'll do it for consistency anyway. Thanks!