Bye, Bye, Birdie

So apparently there was a dude with a stab wound in his chest wandering around my street yesterday.  Sounds about right -- in the last six months, there was a meth lab bust in the 700 block, a drunk driving fatality at the corner, and a cop -- conspicuously parked in front of a house a couple doors down -- asked us if we'd "noticed anything" about the people who live there.  We said they had a cat.  I think she was expecting us to say, "Well, they're black, so..."

D. is drywalling our upstairs bedrooms.  The master bedroom is first.  I've developed this hacking/spitting/choking cough because of all the dust, but so far the project has gone smoothly.  We took advantage of a 12 months no interest dealie thing on the Home Depot credit card (oh god, I'm just like Extreme Home Makeover... LET'S GO TO SEARS) and got all the drywall, trim, insulation, etc.  Everything but the sprayfoam, which we'll get from somewhere else.  I'm especially excited about the trim -- I'll finally have crown moulding in that room, plus those little squares with the designs on them that go at the tops of the doors and windows?

Um... these thingies?

Yeah, I got those, without the fugly curtains.  thisoldhouse.com has instructions on how to use the original door/window trim to make a mirror.  I would love to do that.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  This week, my job is simply to throw all the lath out the window, making sure not to hit our brand new air conditioner.  I'll later wheel the lath back to the woodpile -- and I'll say now, we're only doing one room for the time being, but we're going to be all set for autumn parties around the firepit.

In other news, I've started watching Mad Men on Netflix.  Somehow, I'm already on season three.  (Actually, that's probably because I was sick all weekend and barely left my chair.)  Here's how each episode typically runs:

Don Draper has sex with someone other than his wife.  Betty Draper is nice to everyone except her family members.  Joan's curves defy gravity and pretty much every book of the Bible; she gets her way merely by breathing in a man's direction (but I'm pretty sure she's my favorite character).  Meanwhile, Don lights another cigarette.  Sally Draper pouts about something.  Bobby Draper is replaced by another child actor.  Peggy forgets to put on mascara but manages to come up with a good ad slogan, only to not get recognition because of gender issues that are obvious at this point in the show.  Audience is amazed at the amount of liquor, smoking, and catered food portrayed in the office.  Meanwhile, Don gets drunk.  Pete Campbell does something douchey.  No one really remembers the names of anyone else working in the agency.  Maybe Ken, or the hot-head with the beard.  Or the guy with glasses who looks just like the bearded guy, except beardless.  Sterling has sex with someone other than his wife, lights another cigarette, and gets drunk.  Everyone waits for Don and Betty to have angry hate sex.
Despite all this, it's a really good show.  I'm trying to get D. to watch it (after all, I've agreed to play this Star Wars game thingie with him)  :)  but he's resisting. 

Oh!  And no, I didn't feel the earthquake.  It was raining and thundering here at the time.  Not even really sure how people in my town were able to feel it, considering all the geographical barriers between here and Virginia.  Mountains, etc.  Oh well -- the only time I've ever felt an earthquake, I woke up to the bed shaking and windows rattling, and I'm so unfamiliar with the concept of earthquakes that my first logical guess was that the house was haunted.  Which I thought it was anyway.

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