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Right now, I'm really miserable in one area of my life, and I'm having a hard time figuring out why I'm even involved with it anymore.  Aside from the fact that I'd lose the house if I gave up.  If only I made this much money waitressing.  Or cooking -- but my brother said opening up a restaurant is a horrible idea.  Thanks bro.

Anyway, I distract myself in the evenings by watching Netflix streaming online.  After years of resisting Grey's Anatomy, I've started watching it from the beginning.  I'm on the third season, and this is my synopsis for a typical episode:
Dr. Grey starts off the episode by either having sex with someone or being neurotic and whiny.  Patient is admitted to the hospital and, despite the fact that they are alert and/or a strong personality, they will die at some point of multiple organ failure.  Or a tumor.  Dr. Yang pisses off a patient's family by being deliberately and obtusely insensitive.  Dr. O'Malley's puppy gets kicked.  (I've just been informed that he doesn't have an abused puppy in every episode -- so... why does he always look like that?)  Dr. Grey and Dr. Shepard look at each other.  Alex talks and looks like a douchebag for the entire episode.  The audience wants Sara Ramirez to stop liking George and start singing something Monty Python-esque.  Something upsets Dr. Stevens, causing her to bake cookies while crying.  A baby gets admitted to the hospital and everyone gets quiet.  There is only one elevator in the entire hospital.  Bailey yells and then shows her softer side and then yells again.  Chief Webber also yells, but in the "I'm going to have a heart attack any second" kind of way.  Addison does something likeable and everyone ignores her.  World-renowned surgeon Dr. Burke messes up a surgery.  Dr. Grey ignores everyone else's problems and goes crazy, which leads to having sex with someone or being neurotic and whiny (hello, smashing cast scrap and making a mess out of Dr. Torres' office).  Dr. O'Malley tries to assert himself.  Dr. Yang says exactly two words to her boyfriend, who is pleased that she is "opening up."  The episode ends in one of two ways:  everyone is with their significant others while something big happens at the hospital, or something big happens at the hospital and everyone looks at each other with intensity (except for Dr. Grey, who always looks like she's squinting and puckering her lips). 
In other news, my back is starting to itch from sunburn -- D. and I spent about ten hours in the yard on Friday, ripping out twenty years of neglected garden rubbish and putting down three cubic yards of mulch.  Our yard looks pretty bitchin', but there's still more work to do.  The worst part about the yardwork, aside from the sunburn that lets everyone know my dumbass Irish self was wearing a Y-back sports bra with a tank top, was that I was pulling up thistle almost all day.  That shit hurts, and I was wearing gloves!  I will be so glad when the mulch eats it all up and it goes to service any new stuff I plant. 

I saw on Facebook that C., my fucked up friend who isn't my friend but didn't unfriend me on Facebook, is opening a daycare.  Now how in the fuck is she going to do that?  You need a license -- which might be hard to get, considering her kid was taken away by CPS.  You need a stable environment -- and with her alcoholic husband and her rental home that's practically condemned, good luck.  You need common sense... I have too many examples of how that might be hard for her to overcome.  Someone commented on her status, saying something like, "um... you need a license and... lots of other stuff," and C. said "I know what I'm doing!  It's all taken care of!  I've wanted to do this forever!"  Ooookay.

Well, I'm going to go back to being ignored at my cubicle now.

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  1. The Greys Anatomy catogorization (is that a word?) drew me in. And though I love that show, you definitely have it nailed on the head!