I'm being blackmailed because of my chili

So the Super Bowl party was a hit. In attendance other than D. were my parents, my aunt and uncle, my cousin Kristy and her husband, my friend Dan and his wife, and my friend Katy from work. Then on Monday, I discovered the elusive yet powerful Food Hangover.

I made chili, since it was such a big hit at a poker tournament we hosted a few weeks back, and spinach dip. Katy brought gorgonzola and walnut-crusted grapes; Kristy brought brownies and oatmeal cookies; Dan brought a swiss, garlic, and wine fondue; my aunt brought sausage calzones and taco dip; and I got rid of some of the walnuts that I bought for Thanksgiving. ;) So yeah, people went all out, I think. Usually when I go to a party, I'll bring chips and salsa or a bottle of wine. I have now discovered my perfect guest list, it seems.

My guests weren't just great because they actually worked on the snacks they brought; they were great because the personalities seemed to mesh really well together. I love it when that happens. My cousin Kristy gave this long disclaimer before kick-off that she gets really loud and crazy when she watches football. Then during the first play of the game, Kristy was quiet, but my little aunt Carol yelled out, "OH, SHIT, GET HIM!"

After the game was over, I brought the spinach dip upstairs with me to my office. I can't explain why. I was unbelievably full. But I couldn't stop. I tried to stop. But I couldn't. The next day, I think my pores were seeping out the smell of garlic and onions. I actually kept smelling food somewhere, even though I'd showered. It was gross.

Anyway, so now D. and I are planning a dinner party and another poker party. One invitee says he won't come to the dinner party if I don't serve chili at the poker party.

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