January is National Muffin Top Appreciation Month

My Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler arrived!!!! It's so pretty!!! It has so many functions!!!

Oh man, I think I actually jumped up and down with excitement at one point while taking it out of the box. Unfortunately, I'd already thrown together some jambalaya, so I couldn't use it that night. BUT LAST NIGHT. OHHH, LAST NIGHT: I made the best turkey burgers EVER.

Actually, I probably could've made better burgers from scratch, and I just saved a recipe for turkey burgers. The patties I used were store-brand and on sale. Yet the Griddler manages to take those lowly patties and turn them into the product of a turkey raised by... I don't know, someone important. Like Jesus. Yes. A turkey was raised by Jesus, and my cousin and I ate that turkey last night.

Last week, I tried my hand at baked ziti, and it came out well. We had it for dinner three times before it was finally gone. I was certainly proud of that. It's hard to go wrong with pasta and meat, though. And three dinners for two people, and all the ingredients cost about six bucks. I love it. Chase Bank probably does not love it, as I'm saving so much money on food that I'll be able to pay off my credit cards soon.

Anyway. D. and I are trying to concentrate on eating healthier, despite the word "Appreciation" in the title of this post. I've gained back the weight I lost during my break-up, which I guess isn't too bad, but then the holidays came along and force-fed me for like eleven days straight. All my work clothes were bought in late 2009, when I had disposable income and I was rail-thin. So now, my clothes are pretty tight, and at work I look more like a Hooter's girl impersonating a technical writer.

As for D... well, I think he looks normal, but he says he's gained weight. Right now I'd just consider him to be very huggable.

In other news, I'm thinking about a change in career/lifestyle/something. I'm even thinking about cutting off all my hair. And going back to school... should I get an M.A. in English Language & Linguistics (as an undergrad, that was basically my focus too)? Should I get something that would benefit me in my current job so that my company can foot 2/3s of the tuition? Should I get a new job?

I don't know why, I just feel a bit restless. Not with my living situation at all or my life at home, but perhaps with what I do during the day. Going to grad school would certainly affect everything -- my income, which affects cooking because of the inevitable grocery budget cut... my health, as I'll probably go back to eating Totino's Pizzas for $0.97 apiece and Cheese-It's dipped in ranch dressing... and instead of being a nerd about new recipes, I'll be a nerd over IPA symbols and the Great Vowel Shift. Just considering a lot right now, that's all. I won't go crazy trying to decide. (I swear.)

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