If the cafeteria doesn't open soon, I'm going to get fussy.

The good thing about where I work is that we'll always be in business. Stents will always be in high demand (as long as McDonald's is open anyway), smokers with acid reflux will always need endoscopy procedures, women having babies will always need corrective devices for uterine trauma, and uses for catheters are endless when minimally-invasive surgery is a possibility.

Anyway, the  important good thing about where I work is that we have a cafeteria. The meals are subsidized, so it's like $3 for an entreé from the chef's line -- in that line, it's usually a "chicken/beef or fish" option, with two sides. Then there's a salad and soup bar ($2) that's open every day... the soups are made from scratch, and they're really good. Midwestern chili, cream of jalapeño, tomato basil bisque, Italian wedding, clam chowder... om nom nom... my favorite is the spiked tequila chicken. Once for a few months, all I did was have the salad bar stuff for lunch, and I lost a lot of weight (I gained some back when I realized my head looked too big for my body). There's also a deli area ($2), with a chef operating a panini press, and my favorite is The Godfather, which has like four different types of meat in it; and a grill ($2.50 I think), where you can choose between salmon, Angus beef, black bean burger, or chicken breast to make a grilled sandwich.

And then there's dessert ($1.50). My god.

I'm having trouble deciding what I want today. They post the menu on our company website every morning, and today one of the entreés is "Cajun Blackened Grilled Chicken Breast over Linguini Alfredo, offered w/ Cheddar Garlic Biscuits," with Hoosier-style green beans (just add ham and onion) and smashed red potatoes on the side. BUT the panini today is "Turkey, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Provolone Cheeses w/ Chipotle Mayo on Sour Dough Bread," which is neat because usually they have all kinds of weird stuff in their paninis, but this one is so normal and so yummy-sounding.

That was mostly on my mind when I was on the phone with my cousin earlier, and he said, "What's up your butt, coconut?" I didn't want to admit that I was in agony over trying to decide what to eat, because then he'd rub it in that he will be dining at McDonald's today, which is against the rules unless he's on the road for work. Which he is. /jealous

So the panini reminds me. I haven't had a chance to use the panini press feature of my new Cuisinart, but I've saved a couple of recipes for that. The equipment came with a recipe book, but I haven't scrutinized it yet. I did use the grill feature to make turkey burgers one night (which were amazing) and bratwurst another night. I was kind of short on time for the bratwurst, though. I didn't do awesome things with it, like cook them with vegetables or anything. They're what I call Philistine Brats, which are grilled until they're warm, then eaten in a hot dog bun. Go ahead. Make fun.

Tonight I'll be making salmon, which is nerve-wracking because my cousin hates seafood and I'm cautious about changing up something that he's only juuuust starting to try... but I would really like to make a remoulade sauce with it, and I don't know what herbs to bake the salmon with to make it jive well with the remoulade. The toppings in the Baked Salmon II recipe most decidedly do not jive with remoulade.

Finally, the only thing I'm going to say about my last entry, which stirred some debate on AllRecipes, is a big thank you to the snobs who bothered to type up really ignorant things (e.g., I'm a newbie, I'm insecure about my body, etc.), because you all helped my blog entry become insanely popular, and it's still on the front page. Hats off to you.

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