Food poisoning = Sandra Lee ≠ Q

I was bored today while watching the Chiefs vs. Ravens, so I decided to try out a cooking show. I've never watched cooking shows; my main television interests usually include my teams from the NFL, "The Office," and bad reality shows. However, I've been in a "let's do something different!" mood this week, so I thought I'd watch a cooking show.

My option at the time was some Sandra Lee cooking-on-a-budget show. Within five minutes, I saw her handle raw fish AND cooked fish with the same utensil, place raw fish into a pan with food that does not require cooking, and handle a knife improperly. I am the most amateur cook around, but even I know to not taste that food.


Who is she fucking to get herself a show?

For the record, I have four different cutting boards, I switch utensils constantly, and I wash my hands obsessively. I worked in food service for a long time, and I know about foodborne illness and cross contamination. If I cut something open to see if it's done, I throw those cutting utensils right into the dishwasher.

And I don't cook with my chest falling out of my shirt.

That's all.

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