I survived Thanksgiving 2010

... with next to no crises.

(from left to right) Sister-in-law, older niece, brother, mom, uncle Jerry, aunt Carol, father.
 The only crisis that I can think of is my niece started to hit the bottle. My dad was at the store, leaving his beer cooler unattended, when my 14-month-old niece explored her way to Dad's Miller Light.  She thought that was the BEST TOY EVER.  She shook the can, danced with the can, squealed with glee when the other ladies and I started to laugh... and then she put the unopened can to her face as if she were drinking it.  "Alright, that's enough," announced her mother, who moved to take the can away from her. "I didn't think she'd imitate drinking beer."  My mom and I pointed out to her that she didn't know it was beer, but the can got taken away regardless, and my niece happily waddled off to play with my cousin's expired Tennessee driver's license.  We set aside the beer can so that my father wouldn't spray himself in the face later, thanks to my niece's zealous shaking of the can.

Other than that, it was fine. Busy, but fine. I didn't end up making the bacon-wrapped asparagus. For one, it needed an oven at 450°, and the roast was at 350°. For another, my brother made green beans. For another, WE HAD WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.

Right now, I'm making sage pork chops with mashed potatoes... the same mashed potatoes I served at Thanksgiving. We've eaten these mashed potatoes almost every night since, and I still have about a half-gallon left. Good thing they were tasty.

So everything came out well, despite my mom making fun of the fact that my brother and I were making everything from scratch. "What is this, Gourmet Thursday?" she'd mock, and we'd reply, "Well... it is Thanksgiving," and then she proceded to tell us that she made all our childhood Thanksgiving meals out of a box. After we recovered from our shock and anger at this discovery, I served the best meal ever. The salad, stuffing, roast, potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, spinach dip, cider... everything was good. So that shut my mom up.

I'm thinking that I only had a certain amount of cooking talent, and I used it up on Thanksgiving, because I didn't cook for three days and then I managed to mess up Zatarain's Jambalaya on Monday. After trying to choke down his fourth forkful of mushy, tasteless rice and dry turkey sausage, my cousin looked at me in confusion. Our relationship hasn't been the same since. I am hoping these pork chops tonight will be my saving grace.

Anyway, so Thanksgiving was fun. I think I'll do it again next year, if my brother can further tolerate my extremely un-baby-proofed house.

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