T(hanksgiving)-minus one day

I haven't posted in a while; I've been busy and, for most of the last couple of days, on the wagon. I've also gotten a crash-course in Harry Potter for the last week or so, as D. wanted me to come with him to the newest movie. There isn't much food in the house, other than what I'm going to make tomorrow when I'm hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, so lately I've been throwing together whatever I have... it usually ends up being something with meat and pasta in it.

Friday, D. and I went to Longhorn in Indianapolis (there isn't one in our town) and then to see the new Harry Potter movie. Does anyone have a good recipe for Longhorn's Firecracker Chicken wrap-thingies from their appetizer menu? If it's easy or fast enough, I'd love to serve those during a football game or something.

I made a pasta that was loosely-based on an AR recipe that I think I saved to my recipe box, but I can't remember, and I can't remember the name of it. Penne, turkey sausage, a can of diced tomatoes, 1/4 chopped onion, fresh green beans... and I might've served it with something, but I don't know. Then on Sunday, I threw together the remainder of our box of spaghetti, the last of the turkey sausage, a chicken breast that I found in the freezer, and the asparagus from my Longhorn take-home carton. I tossed that in olive oil and served. Was my cousin's first time having asparagus, and his infamously vegetable-loathing self noted, "I don't hate it." His tune may have changed after I told him how asparagus makes urine smell funny, but then again, he's a guy and might think that's cool.

So on Sunday, I went shopping with my mom for the Thanksgiving menu (well... not the whole menu... damn blue laws), and I discovered why people buy turkey -- it was $0.55 a pound. The rib roast that I had my heart set on was $7.99/lb., and that's on sale. It came to about $81. And the prosciutto-wrapped asaparagus I had in mind? Ha! What, is prosciutto made of gold? Did Paris Hilton wear an outfit made of it? If you pulverize it into a liquid and inject it, do you develop the ability to fly or become invisible?

I'm just going to salt some bacon and tell them it's prosciutto.

And then there's the bread. I forgot that my town has maybe two Jewish people in it, tops. I was silly to think that I'd find a row of challah next to the enriched French loaves and packages of Wonder Bread.

So today after work (I wish I could take a half day, but this afternoon is our first big meeting after an audit), I'm going to run to the grocery store and grab some beer that my brother likes, fresh flowers for the house, firewood, maybe some candles, liquor for the cider, etc. Then I've gotta clean the house and put up the decorations my mom gave me. I'll probably make the deviled eggs, spinach dip, salad dressing and stuffing tonight if I can. It'll make things more relaxed tomorrow and hopefully ensure that I'll have enough room in my oven and atop the stove, because sometimes I run out of room even when making a normal dinner. I imagine I can just put in the pumpkin pie after I take out the roast tomorrow... I made two pumpkin pies Monday night for D.'s office Thanksgiving, and it took twice as long with two of them (plus roasted potatoes for dinner that night). So this time, I'll let the stubborn pie have the whole oven to itself.

D. might leave for Nashville tonight, but if he stays till tomorrow morning, he says he'll help me clean. It sucks that he's going to miss my first Thanksgiving, but he's been super nice to me this week to make up for it. I think he senses that I'm stressed (my cat does the same thing). He even watched a couple episodes of "The Office" with me -- something I've been trying to get him to do for over a year. He was half-asleep, but he asked questions about it and made a couple comments, etc... just enough to let me know he was paying attention. Sometimes, it's the little things that your friends do for you that are awesome.

I knew he was being a good sport, so for dinner Monday night, I made burgers for the first time in a regular skillet. My ex-fiancé and I used to have a tiny George Foreman grill, and we made burgers on it all the time. It dripped grease everywhere and was hard to clean, but we used it a lot and liked having burgers at home. I don't know what happened to it; I haven't seen it since the house we rented like three years ago. Anyway, because of Monday night, I've decided I need a grill before making burgers again. Cooking them in the skillet just makes gray slabs of meat. I need the charred grill lines and the texture of something that hasn't just been flipped like a chopsteak.

So I found my new favorite Christmas present (HAI CUZN):

(btw, I will be getting him a totally rockin' computer monitor to support his World of Warcrack habit.)
Anyone have one of these griddlers? Wanna tell me how awesome it is?

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