Thanksgiving menu

Feedback, please! This isn't a typical menu, pretty much because I don't like turkey.

thanksgiving 2010

deviled eggs
spinach dip in sourdough bread
turkey nachos

the meat
beef rib roast with zesty rub

garlic mashed potatoes with beef gravy
country green beans tossed with ham, onion and garlic
prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
sausage, apple and cranberry stuffing
cranberry spinach salad

sweet potato casserole
pumpkin pie

featured beverages
spiked and spikeless fall cider

Okay. I got pretty much all those recipes from allrecipes.com. I wanted to do Thanksgiving this year because it'll keep me busy; I don't want to sit around and think about how this was supposed to be my first round of holidays as a married woman. My guests: both my parents, my brother and his family, and my aunt and uncle. David doesn't know if he can make it, and one of my nieces is only a year old, so I'll be serving 8-9 people. Any changes you'd make with the menu?

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