I'm going to need more tupperware.

Right now, it's storming pretty heavily, and we're under a tornado watch. I like to think Mother Nature is trying to pull the proverbial fire alarm on my company, as the FDA is here this week doing an audit. So far, no dice. Those FDA folks don't mess around. "Yeah, so I've got a branch sticking through my chest. WHO CARES. WHERE'S YOUR CALIBRATION LOG. RAWWWWR."

So I've started to do trial runs of some of my Thanksgiving menu items. Last night, it was the garlic mashed potatoes. I seem to remember making mashed potatoes with my ex-fiancé's family once, and I remember it taking FOREVER. But this took about five minutes, once the potatoes had boiled long enough. They were pretty good; my cousin loved them. The only thing is, I put in about an ounce and a half more butter than was called for, and the potatoes were still a little dry. Other than that, they were great, and I'm going to try to serve potato leftovers tonight. "Try" is the operative word.

See, D. and I aren't so great with leftovers. I'm running out of room in my fridge. I have a tupperware full of smokey chipotle meatloaf and broccoli marinara, a six quart stockpot full of spaghetti, a tupperware full of spaghetti, the stockpot of potatoes, and random small tupperwares housing my chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, a fourth of an onion, etc. By the time I think to eat any of these things, I'll wonder, "Hmmm. It's been three days. Is that okay?" and then I'll make something new instead out of fear of communicable disease.

Also last night, I made my green beans and a couple of bacon-wrapped filets. I'm not a fan of bacon-wrapped anything, so I took the bacon off, cut it up, and threw it into the green beans. D. isn't a fan of bacon in green beans... this is the second time I've done this, and now neither am I. I don't know why. It just doesn't do anything for me. Anyway, I'd bought the filets from Walmart -- does anyone know if cuts of meat vary between different grocery stores? The last time I bought filets, it was from Payless, and those were soooo juicy and tender... the ones last night, from Walmart, were a little tough. Both were cooked the same, both were about medium to medium rare. Both were the only bacon-wrapped filets in the store, but I forget if they were the same brand. I just didn't know if Walmart skimps on quality meat purchases.

Might try the reader-suggested meatloaf tonight. Should go well with the leftover potatoes (see, if I VISUALIZE the meal and PLAN it with leftovers, maybe it'll have a better chance of happening...).

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