There's a lot to write...

... but first, I'll introduce myself.  My name is Susan, though I took the name Q from a nickname that my former employers gave me.  There were too many Susans, Susies, Suzannes, Sues.  So they just called me Q.

I'm 25.  I'm engaged.  I'm saving for a house.  I'm working at my first post-college job.  My parents are working towards retirement.  My brother lives an hour away and has a family.  I live with my fiancé, P, in an apartment in the historic district of the city where we both grew up.  P&Q, forever and ever. 

It is, quite possibly, the most precarious and exciting/terrifying times of my life, and I fucking love it. 

I started this blog because I know there are a million of me out there, but there's always something different about them -- they have kids, or they already have a house, or they're not worried about money, or they are single and ready to miiiiiiiiiiiingle!, or they just don't have a certain something that makes me want to read about their lives. 

So, this is the end result:  I want to develop this into something similar to my mindset... a 20-something blog of sorts, a mix of wedding planning/relationship maintenance/marriage talk, personal finance, house hunting/keeping, career maneuvering, family drama, retail therapy, etc.  I'm not so much into politics or current events, but I'll throw in some commentary every once in a while, if something piques my interest.

Enjoy... now I need a cigarette.

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