I prefer dreams of houses to dreams of pregnancy

Experimented with breakfast this morning and ended up with banana cinnamon pancakes.  It wasn't earth-shattering creativity, but the taste improves a bit.  Plus, I read somewhere that cinnamon helps with digestion, so I didn't feel like shit after eating about eight pancakes (could be mind over matter at work).  Take Hungry Jack pancake mix -- I used "Buttermilk" -- throw everything together per usual, add a mashed up banana and 1/4t cinnamon. 

P. and I are going to drive around today to look at houses.  As in, we highlighted some in Homes&Lifestyles (my idea of Cosmo, except useful... and free) while celebrating a financial milestone over dinner at Chili's, and we're going to drive through neighborhoods in town and see how awful the houses look in person compared to the pictures.  I'll take notes and photos.

We started doing this when, this month, we hit our target for our wedding budget.  Now I'm not sure how this worked, but we were both trying to put as much into savings individually, and we'd end up with about $600 in savings every month.  Then, P. did some math and realized he could cover all our bills with his paychecks.  Then-- after my student loans, phone bill, and a "Miscellaneous Purchases" budget for which P. and I actually set at $200 but my Kohl's credit card is mean to me unless I spend more -- all my paychecks can go into savings.  Suddenly we're able to put away anywhere from $1000-$1500 a month (depending on Kohl's).  We were able to save up the rest of our wedding fund in like, three months.  It was awesome, though I have no idea how the amount we saved separately was so different than the amount together, so don't ask how that works out mathematically.  I majored in English. 

So, by April, we could have a decent amount saved up for a down payment.  After months of flipping through H&L, I can allow myself a small percentage of fantasy about moving into a house and fixing it up.  I had a dream about doing that last night, actually... which was nice, because this week I've had 3-4 dreams about being pregnant.  Wheeee! 

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